Can a specialty coffee experience
be brewed through a coffee pod?

Quality, Innovation and Compostability are the cornerstone of our project

High Quality

The selection of single-origin coffee and micro lots of specialty coffee allows to give you a unique coffee experience by tasting the original flavors of coffee regions such as Huehetenango in Guatemala, Harenna forest in Ethiopia and others.

Further these small batches of single-origin are ethically sourced, respecting the farmers’ work, in accordance with the sustainable agriculture criteria. The selection of coffees comes through cooperatives which direct collaborate with producers allowing you to have a full traceability of the coffee beans.

coffee beans
Essense coffee pods for French Press Cold Brew and Aeropress

Our proprietary compacting system makes it possible to obtain a geometrically stable coffee pod from ground coffee, with a density that is ideal for a perfect coffee extraction. In particular, it allows the creation of a rigid and at the same time porous structure. Water permeates this cavity extracting flavors and caffeine perfectly.

Eco Friendly

All materials used from the coffee pod to the packaging are recyclable, compostable and sustainable. The coffee pod only contains ground coffee which is coated in an environmentally friendly PLA film and clad in an aluminium foil. PLA is an innovative biodegradable thermoplastic food polymer derived from corn starch.

discover the new Essense coffee pods
This coffee experience becomes reality with different coffee extractions…
the first Coffee Pods for French Press
French Press
the first coffee Pods for aeropress
the first Coffee Pods for Cold Brew
Cold Brew

How can you make your experience?

We enclosed different brewing methods in one tool.

With a single handcraft glass carafe with double wall system and three different accessories you can obtain the coffee you love most .

The design of the coffee maker has been studied to optimize the coffee extraction with the compacted coffee pod.

the best Coffee Maker for french Press Cold Brew and Aeropress

Product development is carry on with the support of all  Essense Community  with the Be a Taster  project.

Coffee pods and relative brewing tool will be available soon. Join the community to follow Essense story.

How to join this coffee experience revolution?

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