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ETHIOPIA Goro Hambella
Roasted by Picapau

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Cold Drip Coffee – Limited Edition
Micro batch of specialty coffee brewed with Cold Drip method. New and rare notes with each new edition for a tasting and sensory travel. A real collection experience.

For this first Limited Edition we selected ETHIOPIA Goro Hambella, a micro-batch of specialty coffee that grows in Ethiopia around the town of Hambella in the Guji zone. This highland coffee is strictly picked by hand and then let dry for 40 days on African beds, continuously watched and protected from the direct sunlight during the warmest hours of the day. This slow drying process gives fruity and sweet notes enhanced by a craft and delicate roasting profile that Emanuele from the roastery Picapau had studied for this batch. The ground coffee is brewed with the cold drip method for 18 hours. The slow dripping extracts all the aromas and flavours, the body and the caffeine. The drink is stabilized to ensure the shelf life and is finally bottled to be consumed in every moment.

Notes of strawberry, speculoos biscuits and cardamom alternate in a particularly clear and juicy texture. A perfect coffee for meditation, to enjoy as a brandy or combined with tonic water for a fresh and very versatile drink, also very appropriate for the most studied recipes of the coffee mixology.

Cold Drip Coffee

The cold brewing method Cold Drip utilises the slow dripping of the water to extract gently and with balance all the flavours.


The final result is an amazing drink with a body nearly like liqueur and very intense, with a clear texture and naturel sweetness.

ETHIOPIA Goro Hambella

For this first Limited Edition we selected a micro batch of specialty Ethiopian coffee from the roaster Picapau based in Roma


ORIGIN: Ethiopia – Hambella, Guji
PRODUCER: Small farmers around the washing station
PROCESSING STATION: Goro Washing station
CULTIVAR: Arabica – Ethiopian Heirloom
ALTITUDE: 2 320 m
HARVEST: hand picking


Discover the coffee story


Amazing to enjoy to the natural with an ice cube as a coffee for meditation similar to a brandy, fresh and thirst-quenching combined with tonic water, versatile for every coffee mixology recipe.


Cold Drip Coffee

125 ml glass bottle

Available in 6 or 12 bottles pack

Ingredients: cold brewed coffee (water, coffee 9%)

Keep in the fridge. Refrigerate after opening and consume the day of opening.

High caffeine content: 95mg/100ml



Nutritional data (100ml)

Energiy 15 kJ / 4 kcal

Fat <0,50 g

of which saturated <0,10 g

Carbohydrates 0,62 g

of which sugar <0,50 g

Proteine 0,29 g

Salt <0,01 g



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