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The Cold Brew Kit with GROUNDtoENJOY is the ideal bundle for those who want to savour the true essence of cold-extracted coffee.

This kit includes:
– 1 BRRREWER by Essense
– 1 Taste Pack mix (4 sachets of GROUNDtoENJOY for Cold Brew)

Kit contents

BRRREWER is the cold brew dripper developed by ESSENSE launched in a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform in June 2019. No paper filters are needed for this equipment because it features two reusable microfiltering membranes that ensure uniform saturation of the coffee grounds and a sediment-free beverage. BRRREWER is a Made in Italy product that allows you to experiment with cold brew recipes according to the latest trends in coffee mixology and molecular cuisine.


The Taste Pack for Cold Brew is a bundle that features different coffees between Blends, Single origins, and Specialty. Specifically ground for BRRREWER and dosed for 450ml of water, individually packaged under a protective atmosphere to guarantee its freshness and aromas in the GROUNDtoENJOY format in a completely recyclable packaging.
100g Taste Pack (4 pieces of 25g each)

Brewing instructions

Brewing method: Cold Drip Brew


GROUNDtoENJOY for Cold Brew (1 GtE per 450 ml of water)


Follow our tutorial to learn how to prepare an excellent coffee with BRRREWER by Essense
Click here for the tutorial


Unboxing & tutorial

Spare parts

Spare parts available for BRRREWER:
Coffee basket 
Water tank


IT | Caffè 100% Arabica torrefatto, macinato e confezionato in singole porzioni per: vedi sotto ( ). Confezionato in atmosfera protettiva / Conservare in un luogo fresco e asciutto. Da consumarsi preferibilmente entro fine: vedi sotto ( ) / Caffè coltivato e raccolto in: vedi sotto ( ) / Caffè torrefatto in: vedi sotto ( ) / Prodotto e confezionato in Italia da BERNARDI srl – via Caduti sul Don, 1 -12020 Villar San Costanzo (CN)

EN | 100% Arabica roasted coffee, ground and packaged in single portions for: see below ( ). Packaged in a protective atmosphere / Store in a cool and dry place. Best before end: see below ( ) / Coffee grown and harvested in: see below ( ) / Coffee roasted in: see below ( ) / Produced and packed in Italy by BERNARDI srl – via Caduti sul Don, 1 -12020 Villar San Costanzo (CN)

FR | Café 100% Arabica torréfié, moulu et conditionné en portions individuelles pour : voir ci-dessous ( ). Conditionné sous atmosphère protectrice / Conserver dans un endroit frais et sec. À consommer de préférence avant fin : voir ci-dessous ( ) / Café cultivé et récolté en : voir ci-dessous ( ) / Café torréfié en : voir ci-dessous ( ) / Produit et emballé en Italie par BERNARDI srl – via Caduti sul Don, 1 -12020 Villar San Costanzo (CN)

DE | 100% gerösteter Arabica-Kaffee, gemahlen und in Einzelportionen verpackt durch: siehe unten ( ). Unter Schutzatmosphäre verpackt. / Kühl und trocken lagern. Mindestens haltbar bis Ende: siehe unten ( ) / Kaffee angebaut und geerntet in: siehe unten ( ) / Kaffee geröstet durch: siehe unten ( ) / In Italien produziert und verpackt von BERNARDI srl – via Caduti sul Don, 1 -12020 Villar San Costanzo (CN)

ES | Café 100% Arábica tostado, molido y envasado en porciones individuales para: ver abajo ( ). Envasado en atmósfera protectora. / Almacenar en un lugar fresco y seco. Consumir preferentemente antes del fin de: ver abajo ( ) / Café cultivado y cosechado en: ver abajo ( ) / Café tostado en: ver abajo ( ) / Producido y empaquetado en Italia por BERNARDI srl – via Caduti sul Don, 1 -12020 Villar San Costanzo (CN)

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