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LOUNGE – Night


LOUNGE – Night




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BRRREWER is the first Cold Drip Coffee Maker made in Italy. It is designed for people who love design, sustainability and fine coffee. Based on the principle of cold dripping, BRRREWER produces an extraordinary cold brew coffee characterized by the natural sweetness of coffee, exceptionally defined notes and an homogeneous and clear texture.

BRRREWER does not require any paper filters as it utilises two reusable microfiltration membranes to ensure even saturation of ground coffee and a resulting drink free of sediments. Carefully made in Italy, it allows you to unleash your creativity to the fullest with cold brew coffee recipes but also with coffee mixology and molecular cuisine techniques.

The total black style of Night model with elegant shades makes every home environment unique. The opaque black frame is completed with the grey tone of the tank and the basket, allowing a glimpse of the internal level in a play of transparencies enhanced by the single-glass carafe.


Brewing method: Cold Drip Brew
Resulting cup: sweet and intense
Collection: Lounge
Materials: Borosilicate glass (carafe), Tritan (water tank, coffee basket, filter frame), stainless steel (valve and drip regulator), PET (filter mesh), powder-coated steel (frame), mafran (base for the carafe)
Capacity: 6 cups (450 ml of water– 400 ml extracted)
Dimensions: 10 cm x 12 cm x h 37 cm
Filters: reusable microfiltration membranes (2+1 included)
Dishwasher safe (EXCEPT for the frame)
Made in Italy


The models of the LOUNGE collection are specially designed for home and design lovers. The hand-blown borosilicate glass carafe maintains the external lines of the previous models and the suspended coffee effect that identifies each BRRREWER, lightening its style thanks to the skills of the glass crafts masters.

How it works

Brewing method: Cold Drip Brew

Follow our tutorial to find out how to prepare delicious cold brew with BRRREWER by ESSENSE
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Unboxing & Tutorial

Spare parts


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